Tuesday, December 08, 2009

In the Works

A month ago, right around Veteran's Day, I realized a few things. First, as a substitute teacher, I didn't have to work on Veteran's Day. Second, I wasn't going to get paid for Veteran's Day. Third, I wasn't going to be able to work or get paid for Thanksgiving Break, the two weeks at Xmas Break, the week of Spring Break, or 2.5 months next summer... oh crap.

I am loving the free time of being a substitute teacher, but I'm also realizing that I need to start spending it more wisely--aka, using at least some of my free time towards finding a full time job next year. In addition to working towards a full-time gig for next year, I realize although I've had fun the last few months, I really don't have much to show for it. I met up for drinks with an old high school friend a couple of weeks back and when she asked what I've been up to, I couldn't come up with much outside of teaching and going to the gym (keeping my secret identity as a lvl 80 Blood Elf Priest a secret). I have a few projects in the works, which should hopefully keep me busy during winter break and on into 2010.

1) Photo a week

I joined up with Betty Underground a year or two ago for her photo project. Each week she would give the group a category and everyone in the group would take photos of what they thought fit into the given category. At the time, it was exactly what I needed. Now, I feel like I don't need a category to focus on, I just need to bring my camera out with me more often and get one shot I am happy about each week. I have been neglecting my camera the past few months, and when I go back through the archives, the posts with pictures really stand out and help me remember the times better.

Today it was cold--no snow, just 15 degrees this morning, which seemingly hasn't happened in Seattle in a decade or two. (I'd suggest clicking through for the real picture)

2) Poker

I'm thinking about starting up round two of the Summer Bankroll Challenge: Southern Hemisphere edition. Stay tuned for details. It looks like Dr. Chako and Waffle's favorite blogger, Blaargh, are both in.

I'll admit to being pretty lame and missing the WPBT this year. I have the money and the time necessary, but it would be tight and I would not feel comfortable losing any money at the poker tables, which leads to playing scared blah blah blah...

Playing more poker has caught my interest for a few reasons. One is to get better, specifically at NLHE ring games. I've always sucked at ring games, and I want to change that. A future goal is to supplement my substitute teaching income, but this goal is a ways in the future--have to be profitable first.

For the first time ever, I'm starting to keep track of my stats and number of hands played. I'm going to start out trying to get in 100 hands a night. This took about 40 minutes last night two-tabling 6-handed games.

3) Writing

The writing project may or may not get off the ground. There was some interest, and I still have some interest in writing the story, but I am more interested in the other projects at the moment.

4) Sports and Working Out

I love me some sports. I blame my athletic mother. I am still chugging along on my Pushup Challenge from last Thanksgiving, with 19779 push ups, 21232 sit ups, and 13981 frog squats completed. I definitely haven't stayed at 100 of each a day, but I do what I can. I've supplemented the push up challenge with visits to the gym as often as possible. My new kick is swimming laps, which is an incredibly difficult workout, doubles as a shower, and is a great change of pace from any other workout routine.

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Blogger BLAARGH! said...

Can't wait for the next challenge...

If you need some tips on where to start with the ring games, give me a shout... been seriously at it for the last few months, and just started to really get a feel for it last month. Can point you to some good vids, tips etc...

1:42 PM  

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