Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sounders FC vs. Portland Timbers

On Tuesday I started out in a funk. Coming off of a great weekend in Metaline Falls and Spokane, I felt like a bum. Erin called from Italy on Tuesday morning, which helped me get out of my funk. After talking with Erin, I met up with Peter, my mom's cousin's old foreign exchange student from Belgium, who has spent the last five months traveling South and North America. We headed to the pool and had fun in the sun. Two knockouts from my teaching program happened to be at the pool too, and coaxed Peter and I into going out for drinks later (did not take much coaxing).

We went to an Irish pub in Kirkland, and we ended up playing a few rounds of pool. The girls were in top form, leaning over the table and trying to jinx us with their cleavage and tight jeans... aka heaven.

Wednesday, I carpooled down to Portland with a few friends, and we saw the Sounders FC take on the Portland Timbers. The two soccer teams are not in the same division, so the Sounders were playing their A-squad defense and B-squad offense. At 2-1 in the second half, they subbed in one of their A-squad offensive players, Montero, and Seattle held off Portland from scoring any more goals. I lost a bet on the first team to score when Seattle scored 80 seconds into the match, that was a bummer. At half-time I double-or-nothing'd the bet, but no more goals were scored, so Andrew got to keep his winnings from the first bet.

The Portland Timbers fans are insane. The rivalry is going to be sweet come 2011, when the Timbers join the MLS. Their mascot is a lumberjack who carries around an honest to god chainsaw, and revs it throughout the match. The smoke from the chainsaw revving smelled great. Also, the fans had a sign saying, "Keller: Do the Cobain!" with a picture of a shotgun... classy! Oh yeah, having seats in the second row wasn't so bad, either :)

This next picture is of the pregame festivities. A big paper lumberjack cutting down the space needle.

After the soccer match we crashed at Andrew's place in Portland, and I finally watched "The Godfather" for the first time. Good, long movie.

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Blogger DrChako said...

My oldest got to meet many of the Sounders today. They signed his sneaker, which he now calls his 3rd best possession (after the guitar and computer left to him by his grandfather).


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