Wednesday, June 10, 2009

With Time, Comes Blog Entries

Over the past six months, I've never lost the desire to keep up this here blog, but the desire ranked about #6 on the list of things to do after school or work. #6 doesn't happen often, only when I feel sorry for it and feel like I've been neglectful.

Enter Summer.

With plenty of time, which should probably be spent much more productively, I now have the time to get to everything. I like blogging because I like the community of people whose blogs I read, and those who read mine, and I also like chronicling my adventures to look back on one of those cold and rainy December Sundays in the future.

I've been playing a little more poker over the past few days, with varied results. I find that I am consistently getting my money in behind, which isn't ideal. I do have a funny poker story from last night to share, though. I decided to list the tournament on Full Tilt by buy-in, and then check when all of the $1-$5 tournaments are happening. They have some pretty big small buy-in tournies every day that I would like to hit.

I registered for a $1 tourney with about 800 people in it last night, and the tourney did not start for another 45 minutes, so I fired up WoW. Josh had a group heading to ZF and was quick to invite me to help me get a few quests out of the way. We finished up in about 90 minutes, and I was ready for a WoW break and to give the gf a call. While on the phone with Erin, I shut down WoW and saw the Full Tilt table with pocket kings, a person in front of me all in, and my hand on auto-fold. Shit!!

I clicked "I'm Back" as soon as I could, and by the time the action got to me and my stack of about 950, three people were all-in. I called and held against AQ, AQ, AJ for a quadruple up, putting me at 77 out of 400 players. First hand I played of the tourney! I played pretty good poker until the bubble, when I raised with AJ from the hi-jack and go re-raised all-in for most of my stack. I called and saw AK. It should have been an easy fold, but bubble madness got the best of me. Good players usually abuse the bubble, but the guy who raised all-in hadn't really proved his poker prowess, and I should have been more cautious. I survived and moneyed, then got knocked out shortly thereafter on a flip.

Playing small buy-in tournies is nice, because I don't really have to take them seriously if I have to get up and go, but money is money, and people still try their best.

Poker goal for the summer: be more patient at the table. This doesn't necessarily mean passive, just more patient and thinking through hands before acting.

Another fun game I've been playing is Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 for my SNES emulator. I've created a team of all my friends, and Josh is batting a whopping .120 on the season, and really needs to learn not to bunt pop ups to the catcher.

Anyways, I was playing it some last night during the MTT, and had the weirdest play I've ever seen. I was up to bat and hit a soft line drive to right field. The right fielder came in to make a play on the ball, but made an error (which on the SNES looks like the guy just slipped and fell). The ball rolled all the way to the fence, and when the right fielder got to the ball I was rounding 2nd base. When the RF went to pick up the ball, he made another error (enter banana peel graphic). Each error stuns the player for a second, so I was nearly to third by the time the RF went to pick up the ball again... and made his THIRD ERROR of the play (slip!). My guy was rounding third by the time the RF finally picked up the greased ball and flung it in, but it was too late. Now, I'm pretty sure someone has made numerous errors on a play before, say a pickle run-down or something like that, but on a solo-play? Three errors?!?



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The problem is your using me wrong. I'm a pure power hitter. Start letting me swing for the fences baby!

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