Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spring Break 2009

What I envisioned as being a very boring and lame spring break, without any plans, has turned into an action-packed thrill ride! Four out of the last five days I've been up at Stevens Pass, and today was possibly the best day of the year snow-wise, with a foot of fresh powder on top of the ever-growing annual base depth high (low?). I wish I had brought my camera today, I was almost completely submerged in the powder on the backside after a fall, and there were also some really cool images I could have taken showing the snow height. Six foot packs of snow on top of buildings, and snow piled up to the roofs of buildings.

Tomorrow I get to visit a friend's lake house cabin for two nights, which sounds like a perfect ending to this unexpectedly nice week! Apparently there will be about a dozen folks up there, and all of the meals have already been planned!

A few updates...

Days skied: 21
Pushups count: 11749
Situps count: 10132
Frog Squats count: 5630
Weeks until summer: 11
Weeks until good weather: 18
My guess for Dr. Chako's table position: 5 (because I know him way better than The Wife does)



Blogger DrChako said...

Go read "The Reveal"

Since you're clever, you may notice the clue in the post.


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