Thursday, March 05, 2009


Woke up.
Went to school.
Got reamed in the lesson I taught.
Came home for two minutes, fed the cats, brought in the mail, grabbed chips for the road.
Job Skills conference from 5-8pm, learned a lot to make myself a better candidate for jobs that will not exist.
Drove home.
Instantly shed clothes, grabbed beer and soaked in hot tub.

The night sky was remarkable.
The moon was shining bright, over a clear sky with clouds to the far south.
Orion's Belt was there for all to see.
Above was a deep dark blue, getting lighter and lighter as my gaze descended to the city.
Downtown had a protective (or poisonous) glow to it.
A lone plane flew due north, directly overhead as I gazed up at the sky, cutting an amazing line between the stars without ever clipping one.

Dr. Chako: you've still got squares to find, of two different-sized areas. Now you're on to the tough ones.

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Blogger DrChako said...

Yup. There's 8 more boxes with an area of 5 units and two boxes with an area of 10.

If there's any more boxes, they'll have to find themselves.


10:09 PM  

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