Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Plot Thickens

5:45pm on Friday night without any set plans, I suddenly remembered Kat's donkament. I hadn't played in months due to a minuscule bankroll, but I got second in the fantasy football pool this winter, and won a T$22 token earlier this week, which I converted to funny money. There were about 12 runners, and I re-bought 13 times, making the final table as a shortie. I went from short-stack to 2nd biggest stack in the span of about 10 minutes...

...and then I got a phone call.

*Rewind to last week*

Last week I realized that the teaching program is winding down. We've only got a month left of classes together, then we have our full-time student teaching assignments, where we only see the other students in our school. I think we meet as a cohort one night a week, and that is it. We've been doing everything together for the past year, and it will be strange to cut that link.

The people in the program are a lot of fun, and the realization that we only had a month of class together left, made me reassess who I want to spend that time with in the cohort. There are a few people I wanted to know better, but really have never hung out with outside of class. I sent out a few invitations to watch Survivor here at my place on Thursday, and Erin was the only one wanting or able to come.

From our introductions a year ago, I knew Erin had a pretty serious boyfriend of 3-4 years, and that she is super busy maintaining a job while going to school. Not a big shocker we never got a chance to hang out. I was excited for her to come over and get to know her better, because all of our conversations in class have been fun.

She comes over Thursday night and we fire up Survivor, both excited for the new season. I suggest that we play Nightmare Fantasy Survivor, which involved picking a man and a woman for your team. Each time either of your picks does something completely idiotic, you get a point. If either of your picks is booted off the island, you get 5 points. You have to make your picks by the 2nd commercial break. It really spices up the viewing!

Erin and I pretty much ignore the Survivor episode and talk the entire hour. It turns out she and her boyfriend broke up last summer--and I had no idea. I like surprises. I end up winning the Nightmare Fantasy game on a big come-from-behind string of stupidity from the douche who looks like Steven Seagal. We bet a massage. And then we hopped in the hot tub.

The next day in class (yesterday), we had fun poking subtle jabs at each other. I told her that she looked a bit tired, and did she get enough sleep last night? Hehe.

So I'm back home last night, with a healthy stack in the donkament when Erin calls. She finished up with work, and I invited her over. I joined Buddy Dank Radio for the tail-end of the donkament, but had to shut that down to avoid complete embarrassment when Erin arrived.

I was still in the tourney when she came over, so we talked while I tried to crash and burn out of the donkament. I eventually ran my 77 into AA, and wanted to type "now for some fun" but accidentally closed Full Tilt down.

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Blogger Uncle Chuck said...

So wait, you gave up money for a chick?

I hope you had sex.

11:14 PM  

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