Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Two can play this game...

2008-03-05- Guinness 008

Guinness. Mmm Mmm Guinness.

Jessica's been whooping me at scrabble ever since she realized triple letter and word scores exist. I think our next game might have to be a little poker.

Tonight's math class was pretty funny. I've made a friend in the class who also has a dry sense of humor, and we sit in the third row and keep a running commentary going during class. He's auditing the class, so he doesn't care too much about his grade, but the wise-cracking actually helps me study, because it keeps me awake and attentive in class.

I've already mentioned how the professor is a Russian ex-Bond girl. She's got the body of a sexy, strong Bond girl-villain as well. There is a kid named Nicoli in the class, who is American, born and raised, but for some reason she always calls on him to answer the questions. I'm not sure why, maybe because he answers her. We poke fun at Nicoli for this, and he laughs along with us, because he has no idea why she always calls on him either. He's a happy-go-lucky kid, but for some reason my friend pushed the envelope and started whispering about Nicoli earning his A the easy way. We agreed that she would snap him in half. I couldn't stop laughing, because the more I thought of the prof and Nicoli in bed, the worse it got. The last image I shook out of my head was Nicoli scratching and clawing at the floor, trying to keep himself away from the bed, with no luck. The prof drags him back by the legs for more punishment.

But we learned about interest and COMPOUND INTEREST today in class, my Dad's favorite interest. He's talked to me 200x about compound interest, and I'm a freaking Business major, so I should know what interest is. We spent pretty much the entire period on interest, and big surprise: there isn't a single question about interest on the next take home "assignment." I hate hate hate the way this lady teaches.



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poker?! i don't play poker.

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