Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sun River

Great weekend down at Sun River with the Cutlery Crew. Jenna once again sliced off a healthy portion of one of her fingers, which probably should have been a trip to the hospital, but since the CC stars a registered nurse, Jenna was able to get great care and there probably wasn't a ton else for the hospital to do.

The weather was warm and sunny, not ideal conditions for a winter ski trip, but we made do with frisbee golf on the ritzy regular golf course and fitting twelve of us into a 2-person hot tub (sorry no pics... yet... of that, Waffles).

Great times, and really looking forward to a few more meet ups and a very fun 2011.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Doo be doo

I'd like to start writing more, I really would, but right now I'm having a lot of fun both teaching and outside of teaching, to the point that spending time writing isn't on the top of my 'to do' list. Writing that last sentence makes me think writing should be up there, but oh well.

I don't plan on posting a ton of pictures, but a part of me misses taking photos every week and putting them on the blog. It did become a chore the second half of the year, but it was also a fun thing to do and something hopefully I can look back on and relive the good times.

Fun week ahead! Four day work week thanks to MLK Jr., a training for two of those days and a weekend ahead with great friends at Sun River!

I'd also like to get one of those old "day in the life of" posts up again soon. There have been some drastic changes since the last updated "day in the life" post!


Saturday, January 01, 2011

Photo Challenge 2010 Complete!

Well, I made it through 2010 posting a photo every single week! Brandon and I had a bet at the beginning of the year to post a photo every week for the entire year, and although I slipped a couple times and posted other people's pictures, I did a pretty good job of getting a photo up every week. I'll admit that at times it felt more like a chore than something fun, but it did get me out and continuing to do fun things to have a photo worthy of posting.

I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing this year. I don't like how the photo challenge meant that I spent very little time writing. These last few months have been really amazing months for me with a new teaching job and a great new girlfriend--but I haven't posted much of anything on this blog. A part of me fears posting things about myself online, especially now that I'm a teacher. Hopefully I'll think of something soon, and I'm open to suggestions.

Since Brandon and I are finished with the photo challenge, we've now got to pick photos from the other person to frame and gift exchange. He slacked off during the last half of the year, but was able to post a picture EVERY DAY until June, which was pretty amazing and gives me plenty of options to choose from. Fun challenge, hope to get something else started soon.


Photo Week 52: Snow Shoeing

A few friends spent the night up in the Stevens Pass parking lot, apparently it got down to -10 degrees Farenheit. I gladly stayed in bed that night and met up with the crew Friday morning. We snow shoed up to Skyline Lake, on a blue-bird day and it was a grunt, but absolutely amazing. They spent the night up at the frozen lake, and I descended for a fun NYE with the gf.