Monday, January 17, 2011

Doo be doo

I'd like to start writing more, I really would, but right now I'm having a lot of fun both teaching and outside of teaching, to the point that spending time writing isn't on the top of my 'to do' list. Writing that last sentence makes me think writing should be up there, but oh well.

I don't plan on posting a ton of pictures, but a part of me misses taking photos every week and putting them on the blog. It did become a chore the second half of the year, but it was also a fun thing to do and something hopefully I can look back on and relive the good times.

Fun week ahead! Four day work week thanks to MLK Jr., a training for two of those days and a weekend ahead with great friends at Sun River!

I'd also like to get one of those old "day in the life of" posts up again soon. There have been some drastic changes since the last updated "day in the life" post!



Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

cute butt pictures.. I am counting on you..

8:19 AM  

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