Saturday, July 24, 2010

Photo Week 29: Floating the Snoqualmie River

The picture above doesn't do today justice. First, the picture is of some river in Texas I found on the internets. Second, there were zillions of scantily clad ladies in inner tubes, buckets of beer, two rope swings going down the river, and two huge trees people would walk out on to and jump or flip into the river. I swung on one rope swing and climbed out all the way to the end of one of the big trees. It was freaking awesome.

I dropped my camera in Goat Lake last week. Thankfully, another guy dove in and got the camera, saving the pictures I had already taken, but as of Friday, the camera isn't able to take pictures. I'm leaning towards a fancy phone that has the specs of my old camera as a replacement. This time with insurance! The purchase can't happen for a few weeks due to shipping bottlenecks and also the fact that I'll be out camping the next three weeks on various hikes where I would not want to bring a fancy phone.



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