Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two Poems, and a brief history

Blogging has covered a lot of different areas for me in the past seven years.

I have blogged to...
...try and make people laugh.
...journal and look back on later.
...practice my writing.
...have a creative outlet.

I have a slew of different blogs, most dormant for over a year. My range of blogs is one reason I keep my profile private. A private profile is a pain, because it really cuts down on the social aspect of blogging. The benefit is I don't have to worry about my education readers coming here and reading about lesbians in hot tubs and poker degeneracy, or reading any of my super cool WoW fan fiction.

One of my favorite side blogs is Fun With Words. It hadn't seen a post in a few months, and the posts usually come late at night. Looking at the stats... six posts in 2009, two posts in 2008, four in 2007... yeah, not the most active blog out there. The stuff I wrote in 2009 kind of ventured off track a bit, but I really enjoy the earlier posts. Here is one from December 2007:

Poop Poem

I go poop in the morning
when I awake,
kinda like a doggie,
going poop near a lake.
When I go poop
and have moist logs,
I tend to create,
real big clogs.
That's when I ask myself,
What have I ate?

Now, not even George Carlin would want to have to follow that poem. The bar is pretty high right now. So to disappoint, I will copy my most recent poem that I wrote tonight:


Stumble into love
Love like blue flames

Embers still hot,
But the fire is out
With no fire, no life

Cold and dark,
Until a spark appears
Out of nowhere
To light a new fire

I feel like this is a pretty good description of my relationships. Usually the spark represents a different relationship, but the spark can also re-ignite (and has) an existing relationship. In the past month I've met a handful of women who I think are quite amazing people. They are fun to hang out with, smart, sexy and nice. Without any action on their part, they've made it clear to me that it is just a matter of time until I find my match.


Blogger DrChako said...

This post would be much better with pictures of lesbians in a hot tub.


2:00 PM  
Blogger NumbBono said...

I'm going to read your poop poem on air on BuddyDank Radio during the Mookie, unless you have any objections. I will be giving you full credit for it, don't worry, just thought it might be a nice poem for our "Poem Corner" segment.

You should come out and play, numbers are low these days for the Mook, so grabbing a crown is somewhat easy now.

3:05 AM  

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