Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Short-handed Limit Hold'em Hand

I sat down at an empty $1/$2 limit hold em table while eating lunch today, played ten hands of heads up, then another ten hands 3-way, and this was the first hand of 4-way play. Both UTG and SB were playing LAG-y, which seems optimal for short-handed limit play.

I'm on the button. UTG raises, I re-raise, SB calls, BB (new to table) folds, UTG calls.

Flop comes 6d 6s 4d. $10 in the pot to begin with, SB leads out, UTG calls, I raise, SB three-bets, UTG folds, I call.

Turn is A of spades. $17 in pot. SB bets, I call.

River is K of clubs. $21 in pot. SB bets, I call.

Initial question for you (more to follow in comment section once hands are revealed):

1) Who was holding what? (SB and me)



Blogger DrChako said...

I will assume that you were playing optimal poker. When I'm on the button I tend to be aggressive, especially short handed. Check and call is usually not my style unless I catch.

By the time you get to the turn there is $17 in the pot and bets are $2, so you are getting 8.5:1 plus the implied odds if you hit your draw. Basically you have all created a short-handed drawing situation. Shame on you.

Based on your play, I'd say you had AK. Based on the fact that you posted the hand, I'd say SB had 6-rag, but may also have had something like 7d-5d. He didn't hesitate to bet when both the Ace and the King came out, but if he thought you were drawing (reasonable assumption based on your call when the Ace comes. If you have the Ace, you'd raise and theoretically fold to a re-raise), he'd lead out here. I would.


3:01 PM  
Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I can not comment as I am obsessively flicking back to the ass picture. She is very fit.

7:42 AM  
Blogger MHG said...

Good analysis, Doc. And nice attempt at analysis and getting sidetracked, Waffles.

I had QQ and villain had 7c-5c. Doc was right with the 7-5, and if I had to guess I would put him on a diamond draw as well.

I don't feel like I played this hand very well, but I remember calling on the turn and river because there seemed like enough of a chance that he was drawing, and enough money in the pot, to make the call. I was pretty surprised that the pot was pushed my way, but I've felt that way half a dozen times in the last week playing limit hold'em, which makes me think I should be putting players on a wider range more often.

Question 2) How would you rate my play of the hand? Why?

8:35 PM  
Blogger DrChako said...

Rate: Poor.

You have to show aggression when the ace comes with this hand. If he's aggressive enough to re-raise with his draw here, then good for him because it would work. You'd have to fold. With QQ, check and call when both the ace AND king come is a recipe for -EV poker. Even short handed.


PS. Yes, her tush is distracting. Does she have any idea?

10:41 AM  
Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

If your whole table is playing extremely laggy then it is NOT right for you to follow suit. I have had very successful play up to 5/10 LHE at one time.. and I think being less aggressive in games where any retard can have ATC to 4-bets pre is not a bad strategy.

I think if you raise him on the turn he probably calls and checks the river so you get the same result. Although his idiotic play to date he might easily 3-bet you on the turn.

SB is a retard and you need to make notes so you can play him well next time you see him.. or better yet track him down.

11:36 AM  

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