Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Heading to the Coast~

Whelp, no internet for the next few days (most likely), so don't expect much here until Monday. Looking forward to lots of drinking, golf, cards, and good times with great friends.

The flight up to Seattle was uneventful, and made it right on time. The guy next to me had some of those expensive BOSE noise-canceling ear-phones, and forced me to try them on. They are quite the invention, if you haven't--try those out sometime if you get a chance, I could barely hear the engines roaring with them on in the middle of the flight. The smoke from the Tahoe fires covered the sky all the way up to Reno.

Mom, Dad, Andrew and I went to the Mariners v. Red Sox baseball game this afternoon at Safeco Field. I used to like the Red Sox, and I guess I still root for them over the Yankees... but they are easily my 2nd most hated team nowadays in baseball. They have too much money, and too many fans since they won the World Series a few years back. And their fans are annoying. The Mariners won 2-1 in the bottom of the 11th inning in a really awesome game. We stayed until the bitter end, and got treated to a great show. Andrew and I each had three 24oz beers, gooood times.

Came back and had a little Salmon dinner with the Flanagans for my B-day, along with a nice and unhealthy super-rich chocolate cake. Had a few more beers, then headed down to the Montlake house to play Guitar Hero with Andrew. We rocked out for a few hours, and now the six of us (Marc,Sarah,Tyler,Renee,Andrew,Me) are all packing and getting ready for our coast trip. We're moving Marc and Sarah into their new house tomorrow morning, then leaving for the coast before rush hour hits. Expect some pictures!

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