Thursday, June 21, 2007

World Party / The Record Falls

After I churned out my last post, I was all ready for bed... then Jen popped her head into my room and said:

J: "Beer Pong tonight, you playin'?"
C: "Nah, I've got to work tomorrow at 8am."
J: "Well, I'm working at 7am, and I'm playing."
C: "Bitchnuts, well then I guess I have to play."

I decided that last night George and I would break our current record of 4 games in a row. We ended up winning 5 games in a row before we let other people play. We started off strong, but hit a wall after winning the 4th and 5th games by one cup. Our record streak would probably be around 8 games, because all of the newbies who hadn't played before were up next. George and I didn't want our record tainted for lack of good competition, so we stopped at five.

The highlight of the night would have to be the third game of the night. On our first shots, George and I both sunk our shots in the middle cup of Kristara and Matt's 10 cups. The house-rule we have is that if you both sink your shots in the same cup, they have to drink every cup touching it. The cups are setup in a bowling-pin pattern, so us sinking it in their middle cup meant they had to drink seven cups. 7 cups! In one turn! The only cups left were the 1, 7 and 10 pins. We also got the balls back, because we both sunk our shots, and instead of re-racking, we decided to play it out with the cups scattered wide. I whiffed, and George sunk his shot to make it 10-2 after our first round of shots. We ended the game by both sinking our shots, which meant no rebuttal for them. George and I each only had one cup that round, Matt and Kristara had to drink 18 cups. I think that might be a house record too.

The party last night was also an international affair! We had people from Argentina, Brazil, Australia, and I think Hungary. The ladies were smoking hot, and all of the guys were mellow and cool--not an angry drunk in the building. The world rules.

Hopefully Brandon can get up here after the Series and give us a challenge. Yes, those are fighting words.

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