Monday, June 18, 2007

Bob Loblaw


Jen's moving out while I'll be up in Seattle. This has its pluses and minuses. One of the big pluses is that Matt will be moving in, and Matt is a pretty cool dude. He's the type of guy you want as a friend, because if you're his enemy, he'll be liable to punch you in the face, steal your wallet, the kick you a few times. He's my friend!

He's also got a truck to tow George's jetski down to the water. So I'll be going jetskiing soon. He's also placed a few couches out on our porch, which is where I'm typing this from. I don't know where he got them from, and I don't really want to ask--because this couch I'm sitting on right now is freaking comfortable!

Matt stole a watermelon from Safeway yesterday. It was in a stand outside the store, and while we were walking away from the store with our legally purchased items, he saw the watermelons and snagged one. This wouldn't be that blog-worthy, except WE BOUGHT A WATERMELON AT THE GOD DAMN STORE. I guess the more the merrier, but I just had to question the theft.

I'm pretty glad to be heading back to Seattle just about two months from now, because I can see our house getting a little crazier than I'd like. It also is pushing me to get out and hike like I've been wanting to do. Tomorrow I'm meeting Kristina at a trail head west of Truckee for an overnight trip up towards Penner Lake. Can't wait for the trip, but I sort of wish we could hit a little pub afterwards, which probably won't happen due to me having to work at 1pm the next day, heh.

Expect a few more pictures in the next post :)



Blogger Schaubs said...

Nice one. Aren't watermelon's super cheap anyway? pretty funny... Seattle! that is only 2 hours from the River Rock... looks like a gathering might be in order late summer/early fall.

12:25 PM  

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