Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fun with the Housemates

Fresh off a killer trip to Vegas, I'm not about to just sit around and stew in my room until Seattle and Coast Trip #3. Oh no! I was sent home from work on Monday about 15 minutes into my shift, because of my hacking and sneezing. They didn't want to get sick, and I didn't want to be there--we had a great understanding. I left, went home, and slept from 10am to 5pm on Monday.

That hit the spot.

Today was much better. Got up and worked for a couple of hours, then got home and found that George, Cody and Kristara all had the afternoon off, and were heading to Carson City. Just the place I needed to go! I led them over to Carson on my bike, and dropped it off for its 600 mile service check--you know, the check they do to make sure everything is running smoothly on a new bike. The problem is that this 600mi check is being done on my bike with oh... 2200 miles on it. Go Vegas! Oh well, I changed the oil before the Vegas trip and it should be alright.

We made a few pitstops in Carson, including the Verizon store, Costco and Trader Joe's. My first trip to Costco in a LOOONG time. We just sort of wandered around dumping interesting stuff into the cart. If money wasn't an object, I would have gone ape-shit in that place. Super-large tents for frisbee tournaments, hammocks, xbox360s, ps3's... man, I would totally dig a shopping spree in Costco. I did, of course, get my trademark dozen chocolate muffins. The best buy of the Costco run had to be my spotting of about 300 red "kegger" cups. I probably saved the house $20 on that purchase, because we go through beer pong cups like women go through toilet paper.

Speaking of women, Jen will sadly be leaving the house. I'm not sure when, and I ended up hearing it from Matt, a guy I hardly even know--but she'll be leaving the house sooner or later. That will, for the first time, tip the scales 3 males to 2 females in the house. Once upon a time it was 3 females to me. I'm pretty sure Matt is taking Jen's spot, so it will soon be 4m:2f, which is totally unacceptable. Glad I'll be getting out soon!

We ended up heading down to the beach for a BBQ tonight, which was an absolute blast. Jen, Kristara, George, Matt, Cody and I walked down with all the necessary ingredients for a BBQ: 2BuckChuck, Charcoal, Chicken, Sausages, Corn, Beer, Frisbee, Football. We didn't have any utensils, or plates, but we made do by using the frisbee as a plate, and plastic bags as plates. We rocked it. The chicken was amazing, and it was good to finally get out and toss the football with someone other than Marc, Andrew or Tyler. First time in AGES I've tossed without one of those guys being present. I wowed the ladies with my athletic prowess. Maybe because I'm such a skinny, dorky kid who doesn't look like he could throw a football 10ft--but I was putting on a show in the art of pigskin chucking. And... I needant discuss my frisbee talents here.

We finished by drinking the rest of our beverage of choice on the beach, watching the sun set. I took a nice spot in the sand, leaning up against a post and watched the sun go down for a good 15 minutes. Such a serene feeling to watch the waves crash and have your mind race from subject to subject, trying to make sense of the links.

I get home to find Brandon in the money in the Shootout event. No updates about him yet, but 28 of the 81 to be eliminated before the final table have fallen, and Brandon is somewhere in the remaining 53. Get lucky! Good karma for being such a gracious host the last few days!

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