Monday, October 08, 2012

Where'd Summer Go?

Summer didn't necessarily go by fast for me this year.  It seems like it did now, but that's only because teaching has started up again and that first month of teaching freaking flew by.  Honestly can't believe it has already been a month.

I thought I would probably be down in Oregon this summer, living with the girlfriend, but that didn't quite work out.  No good story to tell really, other than we weren't ready for the jump.  I thought I was, which made things, and continue to make things, a bit strained between us, but we're still trying to figure things out.  We're at a very interesting point right now, where it would be easiest to just part ways and call our situations too difficult to make compatible--but we're also in love, so we don't really want to give that up.  Love hurts? Long distance sucks?  We'll see.

Motivation is a big part of teaching, and it seems to be an equally large part of me writing.  I had the entire summer to write and maybe wrote two pages worth.  I was just watching the below video and felt incredibly motivated to write.  I really love it when, well, anybody really, but more so when masters of their craft are genuinely excited and performing at 100% and impressing one another.  It can be music, it can be other forms of entertainment, or even a parent.  I don't think giving 100% is really feasible, that is what leads to burnout, unhealthiness, accidents and injuries.  But those uncommon moments when people do give 100% can be truly remarkable, like beginning at 3:20 in the below video.  I wouldn't recommend skipping any of the video, but Clapton's solo, followed by the pianist, and their accompanying smiles makes my day.

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