Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WSOP and Live Poker!

Probably many of you poker bloggers out there have already heard, but a former poker blogger won a WSOP event a few weeks back, Brandon Schaefer. We used to play basketball together growing up, and we still hang out once or twice a year--he's got a very interesting life story, and if you do a quick search you can see that right now he's back in flight school for the Air Force--and the WSOP shoot out event he played was the only tournament, WSOP or otherwise, he will play all year long. Nice work! I got bit by the poker bug, and I decided to make this entire week a big long party for my 30th birthday tomorrow, so I headed up to Tulalip casino yesterday for some poker. They have a $40 buy in tournament with rebuys for the first 40 minutes. I played NL cash for an hour before the tournament started and sat down UTG and opted to play the hand instead of waiting for the blinds to pass... good decision--I found AA and raised it up. Got re-popped by a non-believer and doubled up. Unfortunately this would be just about the only hand I won at the cash table or at the tournament for the rest of the night. I was playing weak/loose, which isn't optimal, but didn't come close to hitting any of the draws that I was priced in to see!



Blogger DrChako said...

You may have seen that I went pretty deep in a WSOP event, but didn't cash. Next time for sure.

Happy birthday!

-Dr. C

4:28 PM  
Blogger MHG said...

I was following your progress from the shadows! Way to stick it to the Grinder.

4:29 PM  

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