Friday, January 13, 2012


Ever since seeing a link to on Mojo's blog, I decided to try the site out and I am impressed! The players are much nicer than Yahoo or any other place I've played, and the details of the game are blowing up in front of my face.

GF and I are starting to play together a few times a week, and although bridge has an incredibly steep learning curve, we're having a lot of fun learning together through the ACBL Learn to Play software that I believe Mojo suggested as well.

We played our second-ever pairs tournament tonight and still have plenty of learning to do, and IMPs do a great job of blowing all of the little mistakes we make into lots of points for the other teams!

I like that the only hand we got positive IMPs on was the hand that everyone at the table passed, hah!! I did pat myself on the back for getting set in diamonds, which at the time counted as positive IMPs because it was better than letting the opponents go nuts in hearts... but it eventually ended as the -0.9 IMP hand.



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