Friday, June 29, 2012

Post more, noob!

Last post was a little depressing for me, seeing as how I hadn't posted since April.  I've got more free time this summer than I have had in the past, and there are definitely a few hobbies I want to get back into--one is writing and another is photography.  Hopefully many more pictures will grace this blog space, and hopefully they will be from the outdoors!  As it stands, it is still cloudy and rainy in Seattle (our summer doesn't start until July 5th for you non-Pacific NW'ers out there).

I was messing around this afternoon with the camera my father handed down to me last year, a gift I really haven't taken advantage of yet.  I am trying to get the hang of all the bells and whistles on the camera, and how to make best use of the telephoto lens.  Here is a Magic card from last weekend's gaming night--I'm surprised by how narrow the focus range is, there is really only about an inch or less of the card that is in focus.  This shot is taken from about six feet away, and you can see the bottom of the card is out of focus, as is the top.



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