Friday, November 18, 2011

November 2011

I think I'm going to look back on this post and smile. I tend to go through my blog every few years and reminisce. I'm writing this from a train with spotty wifi, so hopefully I remember to save before sending...

It is Friday, November 18, 2011. That is one thing about being a teacher, I sure do remember today's date a lot more than I did before teaching. Also, I can hold my pee a lot longer than I thought. It sure does suck when I feel like peeing and there is only one minute left on lunch break and I have three more hours of teaching before my next break.

It is Friday, and I'm on a train down to Corvallis to visit gf. I've got the next week off, as I've gotten (most) of my parent-teacher conferences out of the way. GF teaches the beginning of next week, and then we're taking her car back up to Seattle for Thanksgiving with both sets of parents. Serious stuff! I'm pretty excited.

What I'm not excited about is the prognosis from my doctor. I'm typing with my left pinkie in a splint (bad jam, splint for the next 2-3 weeks), and she said I strained a tendon in my leg (hamstring) and can't play any sports for the next 8 weeks. That means no Seattle 1/2 marathon that I intended to run with gf, and would have been my first ever. My mom is volunteering at the event and I might join her. This also means no basketball, volleyball or skiing.

I'm bummed about the basketball and skiing, but I'm thinking about pretending I didn't hear the part about volleyball. I joined a rec-league "softcore" team for the first time and the level of play is so low that it would be hard to injure myself playing... and it is fun! For some reason my knee doesn't hurt jumping or cutting, but only running and walking downhill. Something to do with the pushing off or pulling up of my leg in my stride. Stupid running. I can even bike to work with no pain, but the running makes my leg feel like it is hanging on by a thread.

Back to gf, I am excited, more excited than I've been in a long time (maybe ever?) to be in this relationship, and it is nearing the three month mark. We both expressed being excited for this week, almost as excited as our first date (a 3-night backpacking trip in the Cascades!). The distance has been difficult (4hr drive apart), but with the holidays coming up, it shouldn't be too difficult for the next few months, getting to see each other quite often for longer periods of time.

The big decision on my mind, and one her and I have discussed numerous times, is that we want to live together next year, but we haven't yet decided on which location to choose. Corvallis, Seattle, or some place in between. Right now we are leaning towards Corvallis, because she has a house there already, has a perfect 15 minute bike ride to work (similar to mine in Seattle, but I'm renting with 3 other guys), and I could use the time to get a Master's in Teaching or up my teaching certification to high school. I think high school would fit me a little better than middle school. I make kids cry more than I feel comfortable with.

Today, a girl took a boy's back pack into the girl's bathroom and took whatever he had taken from her in the first place back. Another boy calls her a thief, she explains what she did and then bawls because she's been called a thief. So, I didn't directly make her cry, but I just told both of them to keep their hands out of other people's stuff while she sobbed in the corner. I think she got over it. Not as much of that in high school, I think?

I'm looking forward to a lot of things. This next week with no teaching, winter shenanigans with friends, more time with the gf, more family time, and lots and lots of video gaming now that I can't play sports!

Also, I'm starting another push up and sit up workout regime. I started at 10 push ups and 20 sit ups on day one, and now I'm up to 21 push ups and 42 sit ups. I have done them all in a row without stopping so far, and I'm wondering how many push ups and sit ups I can get to without crumpling. I think maybe 25 push ups and 50 sit ups would be a good spot to stay for a while.