Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Maaadness 2011

This March Madness is starting to get a little crazy. Almost done with the first weekend and the set Sweet 16, and the overall leaders on Yahoo have missed 5 or 6 picks out of 46. That's out of 5 million-plus brackets!

Everyone in my pool has Kansas going to the final game except two. BAM had Pitt winning (sorry BAM!) and Josh has BYU losing to Ohio State. Kansas is in a somewhat tight game with Illinois right now. Most of the games have come down to the wire, and I've been glued to my second monitor setup.

Was talking with an ultimate frisbee teammate of mine who tries to write 1500 words every day. I may start with a much more attainable goal of 300 words every day, just to get the volume and routine down.

Teaching is somewhat of a blur right now. I'm onto the tail end of my 1st full year teaching my own classroom, and I had my first teacher-in-service day with no students, and I decided not to go to any of the professional development meetings downtown. It was freaking amazing. The school was void of kids, and each teacher was grinning--actually able to get work done and cut through the piles of homework and things put on the back-burner.

When I get to school the first thing I do is check my work email, and then make sure I have everything in order for the day. Most times everything is planned out the night before, but not always. Once I've got the planning shored up, I move on to grading and inputting grades, which tends to become a larger and larger stack of papers as the week goes on.

Looking forward to writing more, but not making any promises! Super busy during the week, and the next few weekends will be spent outside of Seattle.

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