Saturday, February 26, 2011


Time flies.

Let's see, what has happened in the past month? The tennis team I've been playing on is heading to the playoffs as the #1 seed in our league. After league playoffs is sectionals, regionals and then nationals. I don't think I'll want to spend the money to make it to regionals or nationals if we get the chance, but our team is fairly stacked with players that could play higher leagues but don't technically have to. Something about that seems wrong, and winning a national championship at a level lower than we ought to be seems pointless.

Valentines Day was interesting this year. I took the girlfriend out to Anthony's, a swanky seafood restaurant on the water, only to be late due to a staff function. Instead of picking her up, we met at the restaurant. Unfortunately, when she googled the restaurant, the directions sent her to the downtown Anthony's instead of the Shilshole one I was waiting at. About an hour after I had taken a seat, and five or six visits from the friendly waitress, my gf showed up and we had a very nice meal.

I've been house sitting for the entire month, which for the most part has gone really well, except two weeks ago I had to take my parents' cat into the vet, and eventually make the decision with my parents to put Watson down. My cat is still around and kicking, but it seems very quiet here without Watson to insist on being pet, or moving the water bowl across the bathroom.

This past week I had off from teaching due to mid-winter break. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with my time off. It came down to three options: 1) go somewhere warm, 2) stay here and go up skiing with my midweek pass, or 3) spend a lot of time on prepping for the next month of teaching. I ended up doing option 4) being sick. I've been sick since last Friday at about noon and just barely made it across the finish line to break. I had to cancel on a staff happy hour and crawled into bed. I've been in the house the entire break except for yesterday when I got coaxed into skiing up at Stevens. I'm pretty sure I have bronchitis, and that skiing was a terrible idea (it was 13 degrees Farenheit), but I will admit that it was great conditions and I had a blast (gf's first real time skiing).

Contemplating calling in sick on Monday and seeing the doctor. I finally have health benefits again from being out under my parents' wings (I type, as I house sit for them), bout time I chose a doctor to see.

Looking forward to March Madness! I've been watching a ton of college basketball this month, and the madness has already begun! Go... BYU?!