Saturday, February 24, 2007


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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


At the beginning of March I'll be moving from Nevada City to South Lake Tahoe to live for an undetermined amount of time. I've loved my time in Nevada City, but I can't wait to get to Tahoe. I'll be paying a ridiculously low $300/month for a room in a four-bedroom house in Zephyr Cove. Right now, I've got two ladies for roommates, with a probable fourth roommate to come soon.

It'll be fun to live close to a casino, and it will be interesting to see if I can find a job in the tourist-heavy area. I haven't done much work in the service industry, but with all of the tourists who come to the area for summer, it almost seems stupid not to work in a place where you can get tips.

The next few weeks in Nevada City should be a lot of fun. I've got to get up to Boreal two more times before I leave, to take advantage of the deal Kristina and I signed up for. Then Andrew comes down at the beginning of March to ski, hang out, and help me move to Zephyr Cove.

D-Tran and I hit Squaw for a day this week for the annual Google ski-party, which was a lot of fun. Got wasted on Guinness while watching my Blue Devils lose to the Tarheels, and having to pay the tab. After the game, we hit up the party and played some foosball while watching this guy with a chainsaw ice-scuplt. I got mad at getting scored on by D-Tran and his lady-friend, and in a fit of drunken stupidness slammed my head down in frustration... onto the corner of the foosball table.

Didn't realize until the next morning that I opened up a nice little cut on my forehead. The blood had dried by then, so it looked nice and pretty. I spent most of the next day hung over while we drove to South Lake Tahoe to gamble away our money. We each lost about $100 playing $3/$6 with all of the locals in about two hours. It was D-Tran's first time playing at a casino, and we played pretty poorly.

We took a break to get some food and mull over our loses. I called up Kristara about seeing the place in Zephyr Cove (I still wasn't sure if I would be making the move yet). After finishing off a tall, and I mean TALL glass of red beer for my hangover at Sam's Place, we drove all of two minutes to get to my soon-to-be new pad in Zephyr Cove. Wow, it is sweet. It is currently a vacation home, that is being converted to a rental beginning March 1st. New kitchen, balcony area above the living room, two bathrooms, lots of parking--ideal. Kristara and Jen seem like a lot of fun too.

I definitely didn't expect such an awesome house and two great roommates, so I suggested that we try and win our money back at poker. D-Tran happily obliged and we set sail for Harvey's. D-Tran proposed that whoever won the most money was exempt from paying gas, which worked for me. We caught fire at the table. If I had played all ten of my first hands, I would have won about $250, but ended up winning about $100 on the hands that I did play. Two hours later we called it quits, and I had bled my winnings down to about $60. D-Tran won the bet with a nice win of $81, putting him at a respectable -$19 for his first day of live poker at a casino. It was a fun day, that capped with a snowstorm on Donner Pass. Luckily, we drove my Exploder, which had 4 wheel drive. They made everyone without 4 wheel drive put on chains. It was our lucky day (minus the first two hours of poker)!

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