Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nevada City, January 18-30

The past two weeks have been a lot of fun. Not much news on the job front, but I'm not too worried there. Kristina and I have gotten a few games of pick-up in, down in Sacramento, which have been exhausting and fun--I definitely miss the Sac ultimate scene.

Kristina and I went to Sonoma for her friend's 30th birthday on Saturday, which involved wine-tasting and GUITAR HERO!!! Man, what a fun game. It definitely reminded me of DDR. I rocked the house, and on my last song of the night I hit 99% of the notes, with a streak of 102 consecutive... needless to say, I was THE guitar hero for the night. We all had a blast though, and I tossed in some high-kicks and back-to-back double-dragon style duets with Kristina.

Before the wine-tasting we played frisbee, and no--we didn't shower in between. We actually got towel-wipes and used a few of those, and lathered on deoderant--it was awesome.

Before the frisbee, we had lunch with my parents, who spent the night Friday night in Nevada City, on their way to Arizona for 3 weeks. It was great seeing them, and we had two really good meals on Friday night and Saturday morning.

Sunday, Kristina's brother A.J. and I used the chainsaw to cut down some "Widow-makers" on Kristina's property. We spent the entire day cutting down dead trees and sawing them up into firewood. Not many people spend half the weekend wine-tasting and half of it sawing up wood. What a weekend :)

Looking forward, I buckled today and bought Vanguard--the new Everquest. I'm in the process of downloading it from the library connection right now, so wish me luck... Looking forward to teaming up with Tyler, Mike, Guang and Marc for some fun-da-mo-neum.

Also, in my weird logic, I think having Vanguard will push me to get a job sooner, because I'll want to be able to support the money I'm spending on the game. We'll see if I convince myself...

Still playing a bit of poker every now and then. I'm having fun in the low buy-in SNG's, after realizing I've lost about $200 in the last two years playing online. I'll take it as money well-spent on entertainment, but it was sort of sad to realize I haven't made any money. Sticking to the low games until I prove to myself that I can beat the limit, before moving up. We'll see how long that'll last before the BOOM comes down. Darn government.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

January 1 - January 16, 2007

The first two weeks in Nevada City have been amazing. It has been cold, Kristina never beat around the bush about that--but there has only been one little snow storm, which melted away relatively quickly.

Most of my time has been spent either relaxing or adventuring. Kristina, Hope, Raffle and I have been on a few hikes and a couple runs along "the ditch." Kristina and I even woke up at 8am on a Saturday morning to go jogging... in 20 degree weather!

Living out here alone would be pretty tough, but having Kristina's company provides a nice push to go out and do things. If it were just me and the dogs, I'd have a hard time motivating myself to go on hikes.

Not much on the job front yet, but today I ventured out to the library, where I currently sit, and found hi-speed wireless internet--which is only 10 minutes from home. A great place to upload pictures! Without further adieu, here are some of the best from my first two weeks in Nevada City:

Ichi exploring the roof:
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Iced-over Indian River:
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Hope & Raffle:
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Look forward to a few more photo-dumps, now that I found a place with quick internets!


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