Monday, April 18, 2011

Waldron Pics

Caleb waiting for the hummingbirds to return:

Caleb spying on fish and/or Canada:

Views from the boat:


Spring Break!

Whistler with Elly was a really fun trip. We got a day of skiing in, with sunny skies and a dusting of snow the night before--can't ask for much more in April. Sadly, it was only my fifth time up skiing this year. The midweek pass at Stevens still paid for itself, but not nearly as cost-effective as it has been the past few years of 20+ trips. Something about full-time teaching vs. substitute teaching/being a student.

I'm up on Waldron Island right now, in Caroline's amazing cabin. The cabin is on a hillside right above the Waldron dock, and we watched the sun go down for about three hours last night. Canada is visible to the west, as are plenty of seagulls, otters and hummingbirds. I assume they have plenty of bald eagles around here as well, but I haven't seen one yet. Caroline and Grace have a dog and two cats, and I've made three new animal friends, even though I was warned about one of the cats, Haley, being quite feral, she ended up sleeping at my feet.

More sunny skies today at Waldron. The trees, fishing poles and water are making me feel very inspired to write, but I still lack the motivation. I hope Tony Robbins has a cabin up here. I'm going to walk the mile or so to the school soon and help with baseball practice. So far, I've heard that there is one baseball and one mitt for the school. I'm kind of hoping they use driftwood as the baseball bat, but I will report back what I find.