Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Mookie

116 runners, and I was feeling good!

The tourney gets started, and who pops up on my blogroll, but the villainous Astin. That gaul darn Canadian already has his meal photo'd up for our Chef Challenge!!! Go check his meal out, so you vote who's meal is best. His meal (with drink!) is going to be fucking hard to beat, but I've got a trick or two up my sleeves, like that rat Marcel from Top Chef. Bet you didn't know I watched Top Chef, did you Astin? You are entering a world of pain, my friend. A world of pain.

The poker started off with a bang... A lowercase bang. Hoy popped the first hand 3BB from middle position and I called on the button with KQo, the BB joined us and we saw a flop of QQK... oooh baby! Check, check, bet, fold, fold.... ... gah!

Every table I was at seemed like I got shafted. Start out with GCox, Hoy and Surf to name a few. Get moved to a table with two of the four chip leaders. Get moved to a table with Miami Don, LJ, NewinNov and Riggstad...

Then I realized all the tables were this tough. No more fresh meat in these blogger tournaments (well, minus this donkey). It has been some time since I ponied up the online funny money to play in a blogger tourney other than Kat's donkament. I figure this is my one week off to play in the Mookie, so it is worth 1/10th of my bankroll to take a shot.

I started off slow and meticulous, taking a page out of Hoy's new book. I slowly chipped up, working my way to right around an average stack at the first break. The biggest hand before the first break was stacking someone when I flopped a straight with J9 from the BB. I check-called the flop and turn, then pushed on the river although the turn had paired the board. I think that push is one of two "iffy" moves I made all night. My opponent ended up calling, probably thinking I was just trying to buy the pot after not showing strength until that point.

1st break, at 4400 chips, and I grab one of two remaining, hidden, Guinness brewskis from the fridge.

Come back from the break and I get Riggs all-in preflop with AhKh to his Kd9d, and a nine lands on the flop. The beat takes half of my chips, but I wouldn't have played it any different. No tilt, but I was heating up, then I looked down and realized I was wearing a fleece and sweatpants, had a cat and a laptop on me, and a heater was blasting me from starboard. Sweat Jesus!

NewinNov pulled a nice little preflop slowroll (is there such a thing?) on Miami Don, which got the Don active in the chat box. About an orbit later, Don pushes from UTG with a short stack, and I call all-in with Jacks to double up against Don's A-To. Very next hand Don is in the BB, and I min-raise with my Kings UTG and it folds around to Don, who pretty much has to go all-in with his very short stack. He does, and flips over A-To again and doesn't hit an Ace, again.

2nd break, just above average chip stack, feeling good, but hotter than hell--I'm glad this isn't a live game. The last live game I was at, the 1st Seattle Poker Blogger Night (tm), I was beet red the whole night. I take the break to wash my face with cold water for a minute.

Back from break and after a few hands I pop it 4bb from UTG and eventually lay down AsQs to a push from Riggs. My stack is dwindling away to the aggressive big stacks all around us, until IG pushes her short stack into my BB, and I call with a shorter stack than her. My AQ runs smack dab into her AK, but I flop AQx... ouch. She goes out on the next hand to quad jacks. Down to 26 of 116.

Table change to Jecii, Al, TuscaloosaJohn and TripJax table. A few orbits in I knock out a baby-stacked AlCantHang with AsQs vs. his QJo. NewinNov looked like he thought about squeezing me, and it probably would have worked.

A few hands later, Jecii raises to 2400 with a stack of about 7.5k to my 18k. I'm in the BB with AJo, take my time and eventually push. He calls with Qd9d and turns a nine. Back down to 10k.

Bubble time, as CK hits the rail in 20th. I'm just below average stack with around 14k and one of the chip leaders is one to my right. Folds to him and he limps his button. I call with KJo and the BB checks his option. Flop comes all unders, and I decide to lead out for 3k, just under the pot. BB folds and big stack calls... crap. I'm done with the hand unless I improve. I don't, but it only costs me 1k on the turn, and I end up losing 4.5k that I didn't need to. I don't like my bluff into the chipleader in that spot, although it might have worked if the chip leader hadn't flopped top pair. 2nd mistake of the night after 2.5hours, not too shabby for not playing much in the last eight months.

I'm back down to 9k at the bubble, find AK and go with it, losing to Jecii's pocket tens. I was shooting for the top, and could have limped into the money--and probably would have a few years ago--but I had my eyes on the prize last night. I thought I had a little karma built up for the ace or king to spike, but no luck, and I go home the bubble boy. At least I went home with my bubble girl CK... bow chicca bow wow.



Blogger BWoP said...

We frisbee folks gotta stick together.

Even if it's on the bubble . . . sadly.

11:56 PM  
Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Sounds like you played well. Good to hear you're making the occasional appearance in the bloggerments.

10:18 PM  

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